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SABELA MAHLANGU is a Master Printmaker. His mastery in the process of multi-colour colour etching benefitted artists in his native South Africa and now in the UK.

In April 2024, Mahalangu launched his latest drypoint etchings. These limited edition prints will be shown at The Africa Centre in London in July 2024, where he will also demonstrate his technique in a series of workshops. Click here to enquire about the workshops.

Demonstrating the process of printing of Couple I, Mahlangu says: "Each plate is created engrave in what’s known as dry-needle technique. By printing each of the plates in its intended colour – in this case red, yellow and blue – on the same sheet of paper, a colour image emerges. To make sure that each colour is positioned in its exact location, the artists traces the image of the first plate and rubs this onto the next colour plate, before engraving this.


"For each print, the paper and plates must be positioned in exactly the same place. A number of test prints, where some are lighter or darker, establishes the right amount of inking. In ‘Couple I’ the green tints are combining image of the yellow and blue plates. The final result is recorded, and a further number of prints are produced, each then signed and numbered by the artist. In ‘Couple I’, the artist added aquatinting, a process of adding watercolour inks to the final print."

You can access and download New Works 2024.

Recent work
Limited edition prints can be purchased. Email your enquiries to

All works are for sale from Mot Juste. If you are interested in purchasing one of the above prints, or would like more information on attending a workshops, please click here to send an email.

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