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When the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, Stephen Doswell decided to lace up his running shoes and head in the opposite direction – back to Europe, but in his own way.


In Running: Me Running EU the author set himself a goal – to raise money for two causes he cared about, by running in every country of the EU before the original Brexit deadline – 28 countries, 12 months, 2 charities, 1 pair of feet!

The book tells the story of what it is to embark on an adventure of your own making at the tender age of 61. In Running: Me Running EU Stephen shares an exhilarating roller-coaster of his journey full of experiences across Europe. Stage by memorable stage, Stephen records the progress of this highly individual challenge. The reader meets the people he met and get a glimpse of Europe’s lesser-known heritage away from the big cities. Places, history, personalities, personal reflections – it’s all here. There’s plenty for runners, too, and anyone else who’s willing to be inspired by personal adventures. Running: Me Running EU will take you on the journey.

Published in March 2024 by Mot Juste. £14.99 including postage. Order a copy here.

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In Thomas Paine and the Polity of the Blood Michael Laccohee Bush presents Thomas Paine’s political radicalism in a fresh and intriguing new light. In an Appendix he goes on to unearth new evidence on the disinterment and subsequent disappearance of Paine’s remains.


Thomas Paine and the Polity of the Blood draws on a wealth of new information about the philosopher, his acolytes and his detractors to chart the ebbs and flows of his influence in Britain and beyond, both during his lifetime and in the decades beyond. 

While Paine was revered by French and American revolutionaries, Thomas Paine and the Polity of the Blood reveals why Paine fell out of favour and was eventually forgotten in his own country as his advocacy of egalitarian republicanism and secular humanism came up against the seemingly more relevant currents of socialism, universal suffrage and resurgent Christianity.


Published in 2023 by Mot Juste in the UK, £25, including postage. Order a copy here.
Field Spirits of the Fante describes a collection of wooden Lobi carvings in the Meek-Eaton Black Archives Research Center and Museum at the Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.

The book describes the historic background and preservation of these carvings that were commissioned by the Fante people of Western Ghana between 1880 and 1940. Professor Richard Douglass oversaw its transportation from Ghana to the USA, and the preservation of these important historic pieces, described in detail in this book. The publication of this book hopes to create an wider interest among university scholars and student.

Published by Mot Juste in the UK, £18/€20/US$20, plus P&P. Order a copy by email.
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With a focus on West Africa, we work with local authors and academics on new non-fiction titles. Our mission is to create well-designed books at affordable prices.

Learning How to Play to Win
, a very personal contribution by professor Nana Araba Apt on the 50th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence. Among others, "local taxi drivers always provide a clear analysis of the socio-economic state of the country and uniquely use the term 'infrastructure' with extreme accuracy." An entertaining view of a 'returnee'. Price £10/€12/US€14, plus P&P.
African Dance in Ghana looks at the life and work of Francis Nii-Yartey, choreographer, dancer and academic. It tells the story of the development of traditional dance in West Africa and how it influenced contemporary productions. It was a real delight to learn about the dance culture in Ghana, post-independence. Price £10/€12/US€14, plus P&P.
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Children’s Rights in Ghana, examining Ghana's compliance  with the 1990 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, examining its impact on the children of Ghana. The book is essential reading for students of Sociology in Ghana and elsewhere, as well as policy makers, children's NGOs and international development partners. 


It isn’t often that good news stories emerge from Africa. Some 18 Ghanaian ‘thinkers’ – including a former Chief Economist of the Bank of Ghana, a director of Kosmos Energy, a former advisor to the Minister of Transport in Ghana and a professor of Sociology –  Positioning Ghana: Challenges and Innovations started the national debate on governance, development and policy making in Ghana. 418 Pages paperback, published by IFRA, Ibadan, Nigeria. Available through Amazon. Mot Juste provided editorial and design services.

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