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Over the past four years, we’ve been having fascinating conversations with some of the world’s leading employers about today’s fast transforming world of work and how they make themselves attractive to talent.


Their employer brand must strike a careful balance between inspiration and authenticity to succeed. Social media puts employers under a harsh spotlight if they fail to live up to their promises.


Randstad – a global employment service and advisory business – instigated a worldwide research programme that looks at what draws people to particular companies and industry sectors and what puts them off.


'Standing Out’ looks at the stories behind the research and has asked leading organisations such as Google, Siemens and IKEA how they engage and interact with their workforce and the people they want to attract to become an employer of choice.

'Standing Out’ reaches a global audience of HR professionals and executives around the world.

Incidental white papers

Mot Juste has published a range of white papers on HR-related topics, including: