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Leading organisations are expected to be thought-leaders and share knowledge with their stakeholders. Unlike advertising and marketing, it promotes the ‘standing’ of the business, rather than its products of services.

One such organisation is the Randstad group – a global employment service and advisory business. Originally conceived in the Netherlands as a useful guide to all things employment, the ‘workpocket’ has become a global concept of providing local guides to issues “that keep managers awake at night”.


Mot Juste has written and produced these guides for Randstad's operating companies in the UK, Australia, Singapore and France. These guides are in print, online or a combination of the two. The common factor is that they are always objective, informative, accessible and up-to-date.

White papers

Well researched, meaningful content is key to keep clients engaged. Mot Juste uses its knowledge of the world of work to write incidental white papers on a range of employment related topics.


For Randstad Australia, 'Women in construction: smashing through the concrete wall, deals with the challenges that many women face in fulfilling their career  potential.  

RAN363 CPE Women White Paper Single-1.jp