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Graphic design

When writers and designers work together, compelling communication naturally follows. We call this ‘editorial design’. Content is King.

US lighting company Lamplight Designs creates decorative chandeliers and wall lights inspired by 18th Century artisans, who developed the method of decoratively painting metal, known as ‘toleware’. The brochure shows the range of lights and available colour options.

For Orbital Sound, we created a brochure that was unusual in that the text was wire-bound into a rubber cover, creating a publication with a different look and feel.

Kimpton Walker created some amazing museum experiences and visitor centres exhibits. Their skills ranged from engineering to scenery painting – enough visual material to keep words to a minimum.

Lethal Litter’ continues the work of the late Diana, Princes of Wales, giving local campaigners a voice in banning the use of cluster bombs. Our small contribution to the important campaign started by Diana!  


Remembering lives well-lived creating memorial booklets of those whose memories we treasure.

The poster for this 2018 Netflix 'documentary' – Treasures from the Wreck of the unbelievable' –

appears to follow the exploration of a First Century Roman shipwreck, with a treasure trove of the finest sculptures of the ancient world. This Oxford Films 'mocumentary' is how UK artist Damien Hirst financed his underwater archeological excavation and how what was 'discovered' filled the Palazzo Grassi at the 2017 Biennale. 

Not everything you see is always true!

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