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Learning how to play to win


What 50 years of independence brought Ghana? A personal view of a 'returnee'

Paperback, 110 pages with colour photographs, published by Mot Juste

Price £10 plus postage. ISBN 978 0 9558141 0 5

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LEARNING HOW TO PLAY TO WIN is not about the unjust world economic order that keeps poorer countries in continuing dependence and poverty. Neither is it about the IMF, the World Bank or the multi-nationals’ role in making nations like ours constantly impoverished.


The book examines in a humourous way fundamental issues on the home front: why do we remain poor? Why do we not achieve social and economic progress? Why do we continue to remain observers of the process of other nations?


This is not an academic book. It is written simply and directed at all Ghanaians. 

About the author

Professor Nana Araba Apt was perhaps better known in Ghana for her thought provoking Radio Univers programme ‘Let’s reason together’.

A graduate of Queen’s University, University of Toronto and University of Ghana, Professor Apt was a frequent consultant to many international human development organisations including UN organisations. She was the Dean of Academic Affairs at Ashesi University College, Accra.

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