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These books are published by Mot Juste and can be purchased by clicking on the image.

Running: Me Running EU

by Stephen Doswell

Thomas Paine and the Polity of the Blood

by Michael L Bush


The Field Spirits of The Fante

by Prof Richard Douglass

African Dance in Ghana

by Francis Nii-Yartey

Children's Rights in Ghana: Reality or Rhetoric?

editor Dr Robert Kwame Ame

Learning How to Play to Win

by Prof Nana Araba Apt

Positioning Ghana

Challenges and Innovations

editor Prof Nana Araba Apt

Sabela Mahlangu: Master Printmaker

2024 Exhibition catalogue

"I have come to appreciate the advantages of working with small ‘Polity of the Blood’ is a handsome tome, largely thanks to its publisher, Peter Erftemeijer at Mot Juste."

Michael Laccohee Bush, author 'Thomas Paine and the Polity of the Blood'

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