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This book tells the fascinating story of the development of dance – both traditional and contemporary – since Ghana’s independence. It charts the people and events that influenced the new forms of dance and their impact on art, culture and national identity. These new forms of dances combine centuries-old tradition with a yearning for original expression and innovation. Nii-Yartey is uniquely equipped to tell the story, having been directly involved in the developments he describes through his directorship of the Department of Dance at the University of Ghana and his involvement in establishing the Ghana Dance Ensemble and the Noyam African Dance Institute.


Dance groups such as National Dance Company of Ghana and the Noyam African Dance Institute gave shape to Nkrumah’s vision and continue to spread Ghana’s traditional and contemporary dance traditions.


The book takes the reader through the history of dance in Ghana and West Africa: from the traditional dances at special occasions to contemporary performances in Ghana and elsewhere.


African Dance in Ghana: Contemporary Transformations includes a chapter with detailed choreographic instructions to 18 dance pieces, most of which were written, choreographed and directed by Nii-Yartey. They form an invaluable legacy to his career. This book is not only aimed at students of African dance, but also anyone who want to discover the rich dance traditions of Ghana.


Photos by Karla Hoffman

African Dance in Ghana: Contemporary Transformations

SKU: ISBN9780956967022
  • African Dance in Ghana: Contemporary Transformations

    ISBN 9780956967022

    Published in 2012 in the UK by Mot Juste

    Size 230 x 160mm

    228 pages, illustrated with black and white photographs and illustrations, including a 4-page colour section with photographs.

    Soft cover

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