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When the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, Stephen Doswell decided to lace up his running shoes and head in the opposite direction – back to Europe, but in his own way.


He set himself a goal – to raise money for two causes he cared about, by running in every country of the EU before the original Brexit deadline – 28 countries, 12 months, 2 charities, 1 pair of feet!

Here he tells the story of what it is to embark on an adventure of your own making at the tender age of 61. In Running: Me Running EU Stephen shares an exhilarating roller-coaster of his journey full of experiences across Europe. Stage by memorable stage, Stephen records the progress of this highly individual challenge. You’ll meet the people he met and get a glimpse of Europe’s lesser-known heritage away from the big cities. Places, history, personalities, personal reflections – it’s all here. There’s plenty for runners, too, and anyone else who’s willing to be inspired by personal adventures. Running: Me Running EU will take you on the journey.

Running: Me Running EU

SKU: ISBN9780956967077
  • Running: Me Running EU

    ISBN 9780956967077

    Published March 2024 by Mot Juste

    Size: 156 x 234mm

    264 pages, including photographs and map showing all 28 Stages

    Soft cover

  • Stephen Doswell is a corporate communication specialist and a linguist. His short story Vinjeta Vignettes was published in 2023 in English and Slovene as part of a collection to mark 30 years of diplomatic relations between the UK and Slovenia. He grew up in south London and has a strong emotional attachment to his ‘ancestral homeland’ south of the Thames. He lives in Birmingham and is an active member of the city’s running community. Running: Me Running EU is his first full-length published book.

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